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Corrections and Additions to Family Trees

In this section I will try to put any corrections to the family trees that come along. I cannot claim that it will be comprehensive and I know I have done some corrections in the past in the main text. These tree are are the ones entitled "The Childs family" etc not the ones contained in the biographies.

1 George and Rebecca Warren

Jill Fell has drawn my attention to some Warren research which shows that Rebecca Meadows who married George Warren in Ringstead on 15th October 1832 had almost certainly been married before. She came from Titchmarsh and was originally Rebecca Dudley, the daughter of James and Anne born May 28th 1810 and baptised on July 1st of the same year. She married James Meadows by banns, with parental consent at Titchmarsh on 13th December 1825 when she was only about 15 years old. They had a son, William, baptised at Slipton on 7th May 1826 (James is a labourer). Slipton is some 5 miles west of Titchmarsh.

James Meadows died and was buried at Slipton on 26th April 1831 aged just 26. 

We next come across Rebecca who, as Rebecca Meadows, marries George Warren at Ringstead on 15th October1832 by banns (No mention is made of her being a widow). In the 1841 Census William Meadows, her son, is staying with George and Rebecca Warren in Ringstead. William marries, has a family and is buried in Ringstead but the Censuses show that he was born in Slipton.

There is a little more to add to the family details but I hope this clarifies the main story of what happened. Please do let me know if there are any errors or omisions

My thanks to Jill Fell for alerting me to this extra information.



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