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Corrections and Additions to Family Trees

In this section I will try to put any corrections to the family trees that come along. I cannot claim that it will be comprehensive and I know I have done some corrections in the past in the main text. These tree are are the ones entitled "The Childs family" etc not the ones contained in the biographies.

1 George and Rebecca Warren

Jill Fell has drawn my attention to some Warren research which shows that Rebecca Meadows who married George Warren in Ringstead on 15th October 1832 had almost certainly been married before. She came from Titchmarsh and was originally Rebecca Dudley, the daughter of James and Anne born May 28th 1810 and baptised on July 1st of the same year. She married James Meadows by banns, with parental consent at Titchmarsh on 13th December 1825 when she was only about 15 years old. They had a son, William, baptised at Slipton on 7th May 1826 (James is a labourer). Slipton is some 5 miles west of Titchmarsh.

James Meadows died and was buried at Slipton on 26th April 1831 aged just 26. 

We next come across Rebecca who, as Rebecca Meadows, marries George Warren at Ringstead on 15th October1832 by banns (No mention is made of her being a widow). In the 1841 Census William Meadows, her son, is staying with George and Rebecca Warren in Ringstead. William marries, has a family and is buried in Ringstead but the Censuses show that he was born in Slipton.

There is a little more to add to the family details but I hope this clarifies the main story of what happened. Please do let me know if there are any errors or omisions

My thanks to Jill Fell for alerting me to this extra information.


John Ball (1853 - 1886)

In the story of John Ball, who was killed by an earth fall in 1886, I had assumed that he had stayed in Ringstead while working at the Peray Pit in Islip. I have recently seen the Ringstead School Admission Register for this period and this shows that this assumption was wrong.

If we look at the children of John and Susan Ball in the school register we see the following information. William Ball, born 29th June 1874 was admitted on 27th September 1880 and withdrawn on 26th November 1880. Eliza Ball, born 29th March 1875, entered school in October 1878 and was withdrawn on 9th March 1883. George Henry Ball, born 18th June 1877, entered Ringstead School on 9th May 1881 but was withdrawn on 9th February 1983.  He was re-admitted, however, on 4th October 1886. His brother Thomas, born 29th December 1878 was admitted a day later, on 5th October 1886. Both show that their last school was Woodford. Younger brother John, born 11th February 1882 was also admitted on the 4th October 1886.

We can see that the John, his wife Susan (or Susannah) and their children moved to Woodford in 1883 (John senior may have gone earlier), and after the death of John, in 1886, they returned to Ringstead. This also explains why the body of John was taken to the barn in Woodford rather than to Ringstead.

 It seems likely that Eliza finished school in Woodford. Looking at when the other children were finally withdrawn from Ringstead School, George Henry left in February 1889 (when he was 11 years old), Thomas left on 28th February 1890 and John on 23rd March 1890. It seems likely that it was in 1890 that the family moved to Findings Terrace in Raunds. It may be that John also moved to a Raunds School although Thomas probably went straight into work.

Finally the Register reveals a previously unknown child, William Ball, who was born on 29th June 1874, a few months before the couple married on 14th September. I have not managed to find any William Ball connected to the couple or his death in 1880 which might explain his withdrawal. One possibility is that he was actually William Ernest Ball the illegitimate son of John’s sister Esther. His withdrawal could have been to join the rest of the family after Esther had settled in Raunds (She had married Charles Ferrey in 1876). This boy, however, was christened on 1st June 1876 aged 0 in Raunds so appears a year too young. William was a common name so maybe there is another explanation.



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