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Ringstead School Photographs


Ringstead School Photographs

Can you fill in any more names?

Vivienne Marshall has kindly sent me two photographs of Ringstead School which she found when her mother died recently. They seem to show the same group moving through the school. The first photograph seems to have been about 1900 with the second photograph a couple of years earlier. The teacher shown is the head teacher, Thomas Johnson. It is by comparing Stanley Mayes (Vivienne's grandfather) who was born in 1894 that we can see the time difference between the two photographs.


Ringstead School about 1900. The small blackboard seems to say Group 1

The girl standing next to the head teacher is Gertie Mayes who became a Maid in the Royal Household and later married Henry Bradley. Stanley Mayes is the boy second from the right on the front row and the boys next to him is Albert Mayes (b1896). The fourth girl from the right on the front row is Margaret Thatcher’s aunt and her father, Alfred Roberts, is the blond lad on the right of the back row (Is he peering short sightedly?).

Ringstead School Photograph about 1898.

Stanley Mayes is second from the left on the front row

I think the small blackboard says Yr 5



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Just came across this website whilst researching my family. Does anyone have any information regarding the Warner and Weekley families who were in Ringstead during 1860s to70s. George my gt gt grandfather married Elizabeth Weekley and they were married in the Parish Church in 1865. I have lots of information of their later life when George had his own shoe factory in Rushden but not the early stages of their marriage etc.

March 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSusan Lee

Top photo, third from right at the very back is my Grandfarther Edward Teddie Abbott (1990-1963) Service in Ww1 1918.

November 6, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Abbott

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