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1851 Religious Census of Northamptonshire

1851 Religious Census of Northamptonshire


Population 727

494 Church. An ancient parish church. Consecrated long before 1800. Free sittings*

On 30 March in afternoon. General Congregation 104. Sunday Scholars 73

Remarks: Afternoon service always numerically superior to mornings. Average about same as above return in the afternoon.

* Free sittings and pews by general custom so mixed as to render it difficult to separate them. Room for 450.

Signed J.H. Wilkins. Assistant Curate, Ringstead House, Thrapston

495 Wesleyan Chapel

Denomination. Wesleyan Methodist. Erected 1814. A separate and entire building. Used exclusively for worship. Free sittings 70. Other sittings 70.

On 30 March in the morning. Sunday Scholars 27. In afternoon total congregation 64, In evening total congregation 110.

Average attendance during previous 12 months; in morning General Congregation 180, Sunday Scholars 28

Signed Roberts Childs, Trustee, Ringstead, Nr Thrapston.

496 Baptist Meeting

Denomination Particular Baptist. Erected before 1800. A separate and entire building. Used exclusively for worship. Free sittings 150. Other sittings 190.

On 30 March in morning. General Congregation 109, Sunday Scholars 66; in afternoon General Congregation 110, Sunday Scholars 66; in evening General Congregation 200

Signed William Kitchen, Minister, Ringstead Nr Thrapston.

{Note: Re Raunds Parish Church. "There is some considerable sickness which naturally affects the congregation and there are many who dishonour the Sabbath day". Signed Edward B Lye, Vicar, Raunds Vicarage}.

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